A Wikimedia photography project of world sea turtle monuments

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Aelys77, Zantos, CC BY-SA 4.0

Aelys77, Zantos, CC BY-SA 4.0

By Jennie Chandler

Sea turtles are one of the most iconic and cherished species in our oceans. More important, for millions of years they have played an integral part in maintaining the stability and resilience of marine ecosystems. Turtles have, since antiquity, held a special place in peoples’ hearts, appearing at the centre of human cultures all over the world with a powerful symbolic role in diverse communities; from Native Americans, who based their calendar on the turtle’s shell, to the Ancient Greeks who associated turtles with silence and longevity.

Today, as sea turtles face the threats of oceanic warming, habitat destruction and pollution, it is important to remember and celebrate how important these beautiful and majestic creatures are to human civilisation. So what better way to do it than by just looking around us? Having been inspired by the “Wiki Loves Monuments” project we set up a specific page – Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments – to celebrate all sea turtle monuments, wherever they might be in the world!

So if you wish to join us in marking the importance of sea turtles to humanity, do get involved… by uploading your pictures today! Your image might be of a monument that stands in your home town, or something that you discovered on your travels across the world. We aim to record an extensive collection of existing sea turtle monuments for the enjoyment of all who visit the wikimedia gallery! For detailed instructions on how to participate please see the Project section of this website, but the basic rules are simple:

1. Take your own picture of the sea turtle monument: It has to be your own and to focus on the turtle.
2. Upload your image with geographic coordinates to show where you and your monument are located!
3. Smile! You are now involved in a sea turtle project that has a global audience and impact!

Who said you need to get into the water to see a sea turtle? They’re all around us! So help us build this archive of monuments so that we can share and celebrate the significance of these mysterious and stately creatures!