Jenny Ioannou

Since getting involved with MEDASSET in 2007 it has been my dream to develop a project about the majestic sea turtles that is completely carried out with help from volunteers from around the globe.  The Wikipedia philosophy is an aspect I wished to incorporate into this project in order to enrich the public domain. I hope that “Wiki loves sea turtle monuments” will sometime down the road be the ultimate sea turtle monument reference and a bridge between humanity’s environmental and cultural heritage.


Emma Schiavon

Hello I’m Emma and I volunteered for MEDASSET in November and December 2013. At the time I just graduated from a master degree in International Conflicts at Kingston University and wanted to make an experience that could help me to widen my horizons. This experience at MEDASSET has allowed me to uncover the issues sea turtles are exposed to and to increase my interest in marine conservation.

During this experience I had the chance to see the realization of the project to which I have been actively collaborating under MEDASSET. In particular I have been working on the creation of the “Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments” page on Wikipedia and on the related category on Wikimedia Commons. This project has acquired a great importance for me and I believe it represent a unique opportunity to celebrate the importance of sea turtles in our society.

I am currently involved in the project especially in the maintenance of the Wiki page and on the promotion of this initiative.  Help us then make this a worldwide initiative, grab your camera and dive in with MEDASSET!

jennie chandler

Jennie Chandler

Hi my name is Jennie I have been working with MEDASSET since 2012, helping out with the great work they do in promoting sea turtle conservation! I started off working as an intern at MEDASSET’s head office in Athens where I was inspired to continue working in the area of marine conservation. My experiences with MEDASSET actually allowed me to write my undergraduate thesis on methods to reliably age and sex green turtles whilst at the University of Exeter, UK. Now I am in Australia doing my PhD at the University of Sunshine Coast looking into sustainable aquaculture management.

So I am I very much looking forward to admiring all of your sea-turtle monuments! And I encourage all of you to get as involved with MEDASSET as you can; it is a fantastic charity that really makes a difference to all of those turtle species that desperately need our help! And you never know where your experiences with MEDASSET might take you!


Elisa Di Fiore

Hi, I’m Elisa and I volunteered with MEDASSET in Athens for two weeks in July 2015. Although brief, it was an inspiring experience that taught me a lot about marine conservation, a topic I was previously not very familiar with. During my time with MEDASSET, I found my niche in social media management and, among other things, I created the organization’s profile on Pinterest. I also contributed to the “Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments” project by compiling the interactive Google Map featured on the project’s web page, as well as creating a dedicated board on Pinterest. As an enthusiastic traveler who has lived in four countries and is always looking for a chance to explore new places, I felt like this project was especially tailored on me. I’m sure there are so many other travelers out there who could contribute great pictures of sea turtle-ispired monuments around the world, so why not give it a try and help MEDASSET further develop this ambitious project?