The Tunisians Love Sea Turtles

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This Caretta caretta monument pays tribute to sea turtles!

These emblematic species have roamed the Earth’s Oceans for over 100 million years and are considered as indicator species for the marine environment. The monument was inaugurated on July 18 2020 in Le Kram (Northern suburb of Tunisia) with the presence of local authorities, NGO’s and of course the people of the city.

Sea turtle conservation activities in Tunisia are accelerating thanks to the hard work of environmental NGOs and the increased interest of people in these vulnerable species.

This initiative is part of the SeaTuMed project and is launched jointly with WWF Tunisie and Association de developpement et d’environnement du Kram with 15 Tunisian NGOs.

The SeaTuMed project is being implemented in the framework of the project Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region.

Thanks to MEDASSET’s project “Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments”, everyone can access unique material of sea turtle monuments around the world.

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